$1,800 USD


The tray of togetherness《全盒》is inspired by curio boxes of the Qing dynasty.  Adding an element of sustainability.  The lid is made from upcycled tangerine peels, a Chinese New Year delicacy, supplied by Yiu Fung Store《么鳳士多》.

The tray is hand carved from walnut wood, and features engravings of auspicious meanings.  The engravings include:

  • Chrysanthemum《菊花》For luckiness and longevity,
  • Gourd《葫蘆》For fortune and prosperity,
  • Persimmon《如意》To ensure new year wishes are met,
  • Ganoderma《靈芝》For good health and peace.

This special collector's item is available in very limited quantities with each tray marked with a limited-edition number.


This limited edition one of a kind set is not refundable or exchangeable.

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